We Asked The Interns – With Pauline Cousin… Every day is an opportunity to learn and discover new things

For many years AMSI has been offering marketing, accounting and property management internships to young people from all over the world. Every intern had an impact on the daily business and has become a part of the AMSI family. We were wondering about their reasons to go abroad. Moreover what their overall experience is and how they benefit from taking their internship at AMSI.

Today we introduce you to Pauline Cousin from France who joined AMSI San Francisco for a marketing internship.

Taking an intership abroad, especially in the USA, has always been something that I wanted to accomplish. After I’m done with my studies at Business School in France I want to work abroad. This internship was important for me to gain some first hand experience in an international maket, especially to experience the US market since it’s one of the most important trade place in the world.

My goal for this internship was to develop a sense for the Amrican working culture and market, especially to get some knowledge about the marketing techniques, as well as to improve my English language skills.

I aririaved at AMSI without knowing what is awating me, but it turned out to be a good surprise. AMSI is like a home with a really friendly environment and I’m surrounded by a great intern team!

Every day is an opportunity to learn and discover new things. I have fun with my team, improve my knowledge of the world, work in an environment completely different from what we may have in France and apply school’s marketing theories in a real work environment.

Even though I’m here for just 2 months, I can say that it’s a really good experience and I’m glad that I joined AMSI and to have seized the opportunity to work for this company.

Moreover my internship has been a great occasion to discover San Francisco and its crazy inhabitants and great weather!  There is always something to do in San Francisco.  You can’t get bored in this amazing city!!

– Pauline Cousin

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