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We Asked The Interns – With Pauline Cousin… Every day is an opportunity to learn and discover new things

For many years AMSI has been offering marketing, accounting and property management internships to young people from all over the world. Every intern had an impact on the daily business and has become a part of the AMSI family. We were wondering about their reasons to go abroad. Moreover what their overall experience is and how they benefit from taking their internship at AMSI.

Today we introduce you to Pauline Cousin from France who joined AMSI San Francisco for a marketing internship.

Taking an intership abroad, especially in the USA, has always been something that I wanted to accomplish. After I’m done with my studies at Business School in France I want to work abroad. This internship was important for me to gain some first hand experience in an international maket, especially to experience the US market since it’s one of the most important trade place in the world.

My goal for this internship was to develop a sense for the Amrican working culture and market, especially to get some knowledge about the marketing techniques, as well as to improve my English language skills.

I aririaved at AMSI without knowing what is awating me, but it turned out to be a good surprise. AMSI is like a home with a really friendly environment and I’m surrounded by a great intern team!

Every day is an opportunity to learn and discover new things. I have fun with my team, improve my knowledge of the world, work in an environment completely different from what we may have in France and apply school’s marketing theories in a real work environment.

Even though I’m here for just 2 months, I can say that it’s a really good experience and I’m glad that I joined AMSI and to have seized the opportunity to work for this company.

Moreover my internship has been a great occasion to discover San Francisco and its crazy inhabitants and great weather!  There is always something to do in San Francisco.  You can’t get bored in this amazing city!!

– Pauline Cousin

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 Young People’s Impact on AMSI


Young People’s Impact on AMSI

AMSI works with highly-skilled, reliable, ambitious and fun interns from all over the world. Most of the interns are from Europe, but many are also from China, Korea, Japan and many other countries.

The AMSI Intern Program includes a vast variety of duties in each department; from Marketing to Property Management to Accounting. During their 3, 6, 12 and sometimes 18 month internships, AMSI involves the interns in every day tasks and challenging projects to encourage them to reach their goals. AMSI’s goal is to support them in growing professionally and personally, whether it is to get to know more about the American working culture, improving their language skills or in gaining a great life experience in a foreign country. While the interns learn a lot during their internships, AMSI in return gains much as well due to the great knowledge, skills and personalities, which every single intern brings to the company.

AMSI CFO and Broker Robb Fleischer says: “It is a great opportunity to work with young and ambitious people from all over the world who bring their very own culture to the company. For AMSI it is gratifying to watch the intern’s learning process, how they improve their language skills, how the individuals achieve their goals and how they help AMSI grow further. It has always been an advantage for AMSI to build long-term friends. This kind of bonding process causes some sort of family atmosphere, which means that working at AMSI is challenging as well as comfortable at the same time.”

Since the intern program started about 8 years ago, the people who work at AMSI have had the wonderful opportunity to meet terrific interns from all over the world. Oftentimes it is not easy for the AMSI staff to say “goodbye, auf Wiedersehen or au revoir” to many of those wonderful and fascinating interns. This is especially so after seeing them growing and becoming a part of the AMSI family. But as Fleischer says to every intern at his or her farewell ceremony: “You will always be a part of the AMSI family”. It definitely is true and the interns go home still being a part of AMSI due to the great impact the experience has had on their lives and the impact they have had on AMSI during their internship.

Meet the current AMSI Interns

Aurelie Coustans
Marketing Intern, France
Field of studies : International Business

I wanted to experience the American working lifestyle and put my Marketing skills to good use “. After only 2 weeks working for the company, Aurelie already knew she would like to work for an American Group after her studies and why not settle in the US.

Daniela Kepper
Marketing Intern, Austria
Field of studies : International Marketing

Daniela wanted to challenge her Marketing knowledge in one of the most innovative and creative countries in that field – the US. “ With my internship at AMSI San Francisco I was able to gain deep insights of the daily working life in a Marketing Department in an open-minded and friendly working environment “.

Gaelle Carminati
Property Management Intern, France
Field of Studies : Foreign Languages

Gaelle is one of our newest interns at AMSI. She is completing her Bachelor’s Degree and thinks that this internship is a great opportunity to discover a new culture : “ I wanted to experience the American way of thinking that seems so different than what we know in France “.

Chloe Lecuyer

Marketing Intern, France
Field of Studies : International Business

I heard great feedbacks from former interns that seemed all excited about their internship at AMSI that I felt like this would be the perfect place to get an overview of the American corporate culture “. Chloe is doing a Master’s Degree and also wanted to experience the real estate world which she has always found appealing.
Nadia Chikhi
Marketing Intern, France
Field of Studies : Foreign Languages

My main goal is to improve my English but also live an incredible experience far away from my home “. Nadia is completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Languages and will be spending another month and a half within the company.
Solene Jacob
Marketing Intern, France
Field of Studies : International Business

After a first successful internship in the US, Solene wanted to gain even more experience on the field as she is currently enrolled in a Master’s Degree in International Business. “ I value practical skills  and creativity which is the reason why the US and the American Corporate Culture are always my number one choice when I have the opportunity to carry out an internship “.

Florent Statello

I’m 22 and I am the current intern at the AMSI’s San Diego office. I decided
to do an internship in the US to gain professional skills and thus complete
my theoretical knowledge acquired at the university. After reading
internship reports from former students, I ended up leafing through one
speaking about AMSI. The many tasks described in the report being relevant
to my studies, I quickly applied for a position as an intern.