We Asked The Interns – With Solene Jacob… I had to carry out this opportunity

For many years AMSI has been offering marketing, accounting and property management internships to young people from all over the world. Every intern had an impact on the daily business and has become a part of the AMSI family. We were wondering about their reasons to go abroad. Moreover what their overall experience is and how they benefit from taking their internship at AMSI.

Today we asked Solene; an International Business student from France who joined AMSI for a marketing internship.

I’m Solene and I’m completing my third month of internship with AMSI in San Francisco, which has been a great experience so far. I can say, that I definitely don’t have any regrets choosing this at times crazy city. I have had several experiences going abroad, in the US and beyond, whether professional related or just for vacation. Besides it‘s always a pleasure to travel around this country and start from scratch in a new city. Each place here has its own vibe and energy; San Francisco is no exception. People in California are very friendly and welcoming. It is some kind of a melting pot, and you instantly feel at ease no matter what your background is. Moreover, I barely can compare this city to any other that I’ve ever been at in America. San Francisco has its own culture, a mix of history and new age.

There are several reasons why I chose AMSI in San Francisco. This city has a big history in architecture; therefore it came close to me to choose a real estate company to intern with. This gave me the opportunity to get on the field and experience the city and the great buildings and places that it has to offer, which made this experience even more worth that it already was. Besides, the company made it so easy for us to put our skills to good use, that this experience could only be rewarding in any imaginable way. We interns and our accomplishments get valued constantly; they pay great attention to everybody’s achievements.

Thus, the main things I have learned through this experience are accountability and integrity. Those are two values most people tend to forget today as they take everything for granted. Truth is, it is not and should not be. For the past months I have been accountable for something else than only myself, as I had been entrusted with some serious tasks I had to take great care of. Besides, when you work within a team, developing those values are quite important if you want the journey to go as smoothly and the work to be as efficient as possible.

I feel that I had to carry out this opportunity, taking this internship. It has brought so much to me; there are definitely a lot of things that I am going to take home, to France, with me. May it be the memory of a great team, following this American Corporate culture that I really enjoy every time I get to chance to work for an US group, the feeling of belonging somewhere and being part of a big family and of course, the sweet little nothings that make a trip a once in a lifetime experience, eventually.

– Solene Jacob

We Asked The Interns: With Aurelie Coustans… A dream i hope would never end

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We Asked The Interns – With Aurelie Coustans… A dream I hope would never end.

For many years AMSI has been offering marketing, accounting and property management internships to young people from all over the world. Every intern had an impact on the daily business and has become a part of the AMSI family. We were wondering about their reasons to go abroad. Moreover what their overall experience is and how they benefit from taking their internship with AMSI. We asked the interns… 

Today we start with Aurelie; an International Business student from France who joined AMSI for a marketing internship.

I chose to do my internship with AMSI for several reasons. One of them was because I was really interested in the tasks and projects that I could be working on. Furthermore I wanted to work in an American company and experience the American corporate culture. Since I had a lot of good feedback from former interns, I was convinced that AMSI was the right place for my internship.

What I like about AMSI is the work environment. They encourage you to bring new ideas and always give you feedback on your tasks and projects, which gives me the opportunity to know my progress and grow. Therefore I felt really happy to come in and work there every morning.

AMSI helps its interns to gain valuable professional experience, but since we are all from different backgrounds we also help them to bring in new ideas and a fresh look to the company.

It is not only a great professional experience, but also a really amazing life experience. Living for three month in San Francisco is the best way to discover the American culture. As a simple tourist you probably couldn’t see and experience many things as I did while living here. Moreover I met so many interesting people and each of them has become a part of my experience. This unique experinece changed my life! A dream I hope would never end…

-Aurelie Coustans

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Nathan Murdock Introducing AMSI Real Estate Services

AMSI is a full-service real estate brokerage (rentals, property management, real estate sales and relocation), headquartered in San Francisco, California with offices in San Francisco, Marin and San Diego. Founded by Robb Fleischer and Zoya Lee Smithton in 1970.

Since the inception AMSI has delivered a superior model for corporate relocation, vacation housing, residential housing and investment property management. Furthermore AMSI has its own house cleaning and property maintenance team.

Specializing and providing the full range of real estate services, makes AMSI being the only one in the industry around the Bay Area and San Diego.

Learn more about the AMSI real estate services

Get to know Nathan Murdock the SFAA Property Manager of the year.

Young People’s Impact on AMSI

AMSI works with highly-skilled, reliable, ambitious and fun interns from all over the world. Most of the interns are from Europe, but many are also from China, Korea, Japan and many other countries.

The AMSI Intern Program includes a vast variety of duties in each department; from Marketing to Property Management to Accounting. During their 3, 6, 12 and sometimes 18 month internships, AMSI involves the interns in every day tasks and challenging projects to encourage them to reach their goals. AMSI’s goal is to support them in growing professionally and personally, whether it is to get to know more about the American working culture, improving their language skills or in gaining a great life experience in a foreign country. While the interns learn a lot during their internships, AMSI in return gains much as well due to the great knowledge, skills and personalities, which every single intern brings to the company.

AMSI CFO and Broker Robb Fleischer says: “It is a great opportunity to work with young and ambitious people from all over the world who bring their very own culture to the company. For AMSI it is gratifying to watch the intern’s learning process, how they improve their language skills, how the individuals achieve their goals and how they help AMSI grow further. It has always been an advantage for AMSI to build long-term friends. This kind of bonding process causes some sort of family atmosphere, which means that working at AMSI is challenging as well as comfortable at the same time.”

Since the intern program started about 8 years ago, the people who work at AMSI have had the wonderful opportunity to meet terrific interns from all over the world. Oftentimes it is not easy for the AMSI staff to say “goodbye, auf Wiedersehen or au revoir” to many of those wonderful and fascinating interns. This is especially so after seeing them growing and becoming a part of the AMSI family. But as Fleischer says to every intern at his or her farewell ceremony: “You will always be a part of the AMSI family”. It definitely is true and the interns go home still being a part of AMSI due to the great impact the experience has had on their lives and the impact they have had on AMSI during their internship.

Meet the current AMSI Interns

Elody Chaniot
Marketing Intern, from France
Field of studies: Marketing

I wanted to complete an internship in marketing and was looking for a semester abroad. Working at AMSI will help me to reach my goals”. Elody has been in the US for three months and will be joining the AMSI team for another three months.

Akram Talbi
Accounting Intern, from France
Field of studies: Finance

I came to the US to gain more experience in Finance/Accounting”. Akram will finish his studies in a couple of months and afterwards he’s looking for a job in the US. That’s why he thinks experiencing a UScompany during an internship right now will help him finding a job in the near future.

Inga Engelken
Marketing Intern, from Germany
Field of studies: Communications

I’m very interested in the American culture and wanted to learn more about the working atmosphere at a traditional US company”. Right now she is working on her Masters thesis and will be looking for a job in 2012. So she figured working at AMSI and gaining marketing experience will bring her advantages in her job search.

Kim Hyung Jun

Marketing Intern, from South Korea
Field of studies: Business Administration

Jun is a part time intern at AMSI and visits a language school in the morning before he comes to the office. “For me it’s important to improve my language skills, which will help me in my career”.

Tobias Bialas
Property Management Intern, from Germany
Field of studies: Economics

Tobias has been to the US a couple of times, but just for vacations. He had so much fun that he thought it would be great idea to remain for an extended stay. He started his Master’s program in Economics and therefore he needs practical experience to complete the “study abroad module. “I came to AMSI to gain work experience, which will help me in the future”.

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AMSI at the Golden Gate Business Association Pride Expo 2011

Again this year AMSI was an exhibitor at the annual Golden Gate Business Association Pride Expo.

The AMSI staff, including Robb Fleischer, Adeline Segaux, Jenine Atencio, Edward Bate, Dawn Cusulos, Marco Carvajal, attended the GGBA Pride Expo 2011 at the Hotel Whitcomb in San Francisco. Robb Fleischer, GGBA member and AMSI CFO, invited the staff to attend.

The expo was a great success. AMSI’s staff met consumers from all over the Bay Area and had the unique opportunity to meet and greet new business partners. Moreover the AMSI team showed how to combine work and pleasure and had a great time at the expo.

Bouncing @ House of Air with the AMSI Interns

Bouncing @ House of Air with the AMSI Interns

AMSI’s interns from Germany and France at House of Air with AMSI CFO Robb Fleischer and Intern Manager Adeline Segaux.

Playing dodgeball and jumping around for an hour on a trampoline…. certainly much fun! Did you know that jumping on a trampoline burns 600 calories? So we not only had much fun but were  exhausted, which called for some drinks and food at Liverpool Lil’s afterwards 🙂