We Asked The Interns – With Solene Jacob… I had to carry out this opportunity

For many years AMSI has been offering marketing, accounting and property management internships to young people from all over the world. Every intern had an impact on the daily business and has become a part of the AMSI family. We were wondering about their reasons to go abroad. Moreover what their overall experience is and how they benefit from taking their internship at AMSI.

Today we asked Solene; an International Business student from France who joined AMSI for a marketing internship.

I’m Solene and I’m completing my third month of internship with AMSI in San Francisco, which has been a great experience so far. I can say, that I definitely don’t have any regrets choosing this at times crazy city. I have had several experiences going abroad, in the US and beyond, whether professional related or just for vacation. Besides it‘s always a pleasure to travel around this country and start from scratch in a new city. Each place here has its own vibe and energy; San Francisco is no exception. People in California are very friendly and welcoming. It is some kind of a melting pot, and you instantly feel at ease no matter what your background is. Moreover, I barely can compare this city to any other that I’ve ever been at in America. San Francisco has its own culture, a mix of history and new age.

There are several reasons why I chose AMSI in San Francisco. This city has a big history in architecture; therefore it came close to me to choose a real estate company to intern with. This gave me the opportunity to get on the field and experience the city and the great buildings and places that it has to offer, which made this experience even more worth that it already was. Besides, the company made it so easy for us to put our skills to good use, that this experience could only be rewarding in any imaginable way. We interns and our accomplishments get valued constantly; they pay great attention to everybody’s achievements.

Thus, the main things I have learned through this experience are accountability and integrity. Those are two values most people tend to forget today as they take everything for granted. Truth is, it is not and should not be. For the past months I have been accountable for something else than only myself, as I had been entrusted with some serious tasks I had to take great care of. Besides, when you work within a team, developing those values are quite important if you want the journey to go as smoothly and the work to be as efficient as possible.

I feel that I had to carry out this opportunity, taking this internship. It has brought so much to me; there are definitely a lot of things that I am going to take home, to France, with me. May it be the memory of a great team, following this American Corporate culture that I really enjoy every time I get to chance to work for an US group, the feeling of belonging somewhere and being part of a big family and of course, the sweet little nothings that make a trip a once in a lifetime experience, eventually.

– Solene Jacob

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