San Francisco’s First Organized Housecleaning Company and its Formation to AMSI

Robb Fleischer tells us about the establishment of San Francisco's First Houscleaning Company, and how this led to the formation of AMSI 

by Robb Fleischer

Robb Fleischer, AMSI CEO, CFO and Broker
Robb Fleischer, AMSI CEO, CFO and Broker

Upon the formation of AMSI, Grandma’s Housecleaning Service (San Franciso’s first organized housecleaning company), was a subsidiary of AMSI. Founded in 1970 by Michael Kocina as Grandma’s Helpers, created as a mechanism to provide apprenticeship training to thousands of individuals seeking social refuge in our wonderful city of San Francisco.

This practical training was later scholastically accredited by The Apollonian Academy, also co-founded by Michael Kocina. Michael was a well known character and fondly known and referred to as ‘Grandma’ through word of mouth by individuals flocking to San Francisco from all over the world and looking for a productive start during the post hippy-era. Maintain, A property Maintenance Service, an off-shoot of Grandma’s Helpers remains as one of AMSI’s vital services today. It was an honor to partner with Michael in 1981 and with Zoya Lee Smithton a few years later to become AMSI.

Today AMSI is a leader in all aspects of Real Estate, including representing Buyers and Sellers, Leasing, Extended Stay & Corporate Housing, Property Management, Relocation Services, Homefinding, Rental Management and Marketing Technology, Property Maintenance, Interior Design & Housing Cleaning Services. We are truly blessed to work with the best team of individuals who love what they do, and who do business professionally, and with the highest level of integrity and ethics.

Robb Fleischer,
AMSI CEO, CFO and Broker

Halloween – The AMSI Office Transformation into a Ghost Office

Though AMSI likes greetings its customers and welcoming them in a warmly manner… this isn’t the case at one day of the year… on HALLOWEEN DAY!  On this very special day of the year the AMSI San Francisco staff and interns transformed into Zombies, Pirates, Ghosts and many other spooky and also some fairy-tale like creatures… 🙂

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Nathan Murdock Introducing AMSI Real Estate Services

AMSI is a full-service real estate brokerage (rentals, property management, real estate sales and relocation), headquartered in San Francisco, California with offices in San Francisco, Marin and San Diego. Founded by Robb Fleischer and Zoya Lee Smithton in 1970.

Since the inception AMSI has delivered a superior model for corporate relocation, vacation housing, residential housing and investment property management. Furthermore AMSI has its own house cleaning and property maintenance team.

Specializing and providing the full range of real estate services, makes AMSI being the only one in the industry around the Bay Area and San Diego.

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