A Review of 2012, San Francisco, Job Growth and Real Estate Market [PICTURES]

Since the year is almost over we want to take a look at what has been happening in 2012 and what we might expect in 2013.  A very special moment in 2012 was Barack Obama’s re-electtion, but there has been a lot going on in San Francisco and finally in the job and real estate market as well.

Almost everyone who lives in San Francisco and gets to visit the city thinks that San Francisco with its charm and foggy glaze is the most wonderful place to live; even though it’s a very costly city. Now it’s official and San Francisco was evaluated by Bloomberg Businessweeks’ annual America’s 50 Best Cities out of 100 of the largest cities in the States as the best place to live. Take a look what the factors have been here America’s 50 Best Cities

But there has been more mention of San Francisco. Forbes listed San Francisco’s Mission District as the second most hipster city in America. In MarketWatch’s The 5 richest cities in AmericaSan Francisco was ranked as the third richest city in the States. This was based on the personal income of 2011, which rose about 5% to from the previous year released by the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Economic Analysis.

This year has been a wonderful year for all Giants fans in the city again. San Francisco was proudly celebrating the San Francisco Giants Championship, turning the City by the Bay to the “Orange City” in 2012 again.

On May 27th the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge turned 75 years being celebrated throughout the Bay and beyond. The 75 Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge was celebrated with the most wonderful fireworks in San Francisco. This has been indeed a very special moment for everyone that was part of the celebration; celebrating 75 years of San Francisco most wonderful and historical jewel, the orange bridge that is know throughout the world.

We also want to highlight America’s Cup World Series 2012 that brought some more excitement to the Bay Area. Watch the highlights of the America’s Cup World Series here: http://www.americascup.com/en/events/ac-world-series-2012-2013/san-francisco-us-aug-21-aug-26

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Pictures by P.R. Meyer Photography 

Real Estate Market in San Francisco

It’s been 4 tough years for the real estate market, but after almost four years of house price falls the much-awaited U.S. housing market recovery is finally taking place.

There is an increasing demand in home sales, the house prices are rising again, the construction activities are picking up, the delinquency rate is more and more stabilizing and the foreclosures are finally falling.

Take a look at Robb Fleischer’s The Real Estate Report local market trends San Francisco to have a better overview of what has been going on in the real estate market in 2012 and what we might expect in 2013.

Job Growth

The job growth in 2012 shows a slow recovery as released by the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s monthly jobs report. This shows that the economy is slowly growing, slowly but we are getting there and this might be a great indicator that we can expect a bigger shift in 2013. Take a look at Yahoo Finance’s review of 2012 to read more about the job growth in 2012.

Have you taken a review of your year in 2012?

Are there moments that you are rather happy about or maybe not?

“To be the master of tomorrow’s dreams, you must first be the servant of today’s planning.” ~Vincent Lowry

Well, even though the Myan calendar ends in 2012 there will be a new. The year 2013, a year that will be filled with many more great moments, but moreover a year that seems to promise a shift in the economy and the real estate market. Moreover, there will be a lot going on in the best city to live again. The Americas Cup here in the Bay… ain’t that already something that San Francisco can look forward to again…. and who knows, maybe the city will turn into the “Orange City” again. Wishing you a good ending of 2012 and an even better start into the new year of 2013.