Short Sale vs. Foreclosure – Which is the Better Option?

What is a short sale?

When a homeowner is no longer able to pay the mortgage payments, the property can be sold as a short sale if the lender agrees to it. As a consequence, the property will be sold for less money than the total amount due. This means it is sold for less money than the homeowner owes the lender, which is why it requires lender’s approval.

But not all lenders agree to a short sale, especially if a foreclosure would be financially more beneficial to the lender (it is rarely the case though). Also not all sellers and all properties qualify for a short sale.

If you are considering selling or buying a short sale, there could be drawbacks. For your protection obtain legal advice from a competent real estate lawyer and call an accountant to discuss short sale tax ramifications.

A real estate agent experienced in short sale negotiations can help you navigate through those unknown territories.

What is a foreclosure?
A lender forecloses on a property when a homeowner cannot keep up the mortgage payments. It is different than a short sale, as the lender is repossessing the property. The owner not only loses his home but is also at risk of having a judgment filed against him by the lender, who wants to recover all costs associated with the foreclosure action.

Which is the better option?
Of those options, a foreclosure is the worst one, and you want to avoid it at all costs whenever possible, as it will affect your credit report for years. This makes it really difficult for the homeowner to obtain any kind of credit in the future.

A short sale can have a negative effect on the credit report as well. While the short sale process is not easy and does require the lender’s approval, it should be considered before getting into a foreclosure. When a homeowner is behind on his mortgage payments, a short sale should come into place as soon as possible. General guidelines would suggest that the more a homeowner is late in paying back the arrears, the more a lender is willing to agree to a short sale.

All in all, for homeowners who can no longer afford to pay their mortgage, a short sale is a better alternative than bankruptcy or foreclosure.

Don’t do a short sale yourself
When selling a short sale it is important to work with someone who knows how to deal with such a transaction. Wasting too much time and taking a wrong step could cause a homeowner to lose his home.

You should hire a real estate professional who is experienced in short sale listings and negotiations. Moreover, the payment of the commission is to be approved by the bank as part of the short sale process and is not typically an “out-of-pocket” expense for the seller.

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Young People’s Impact on AMSI

AMSI works with highly-skilled, reliable, ambitious and fun interns from all over the world. Most of the interns are from Europe, but many are also from China, Korea, Japan and many other countries.

The AMSI Intern Program includes a vast variety of duties in each department; from Marketing to Property Management to Accounting. During their 3, 6, 12 and sometimes 18 month internships, AMSI involves the interns in every day tasks and challenging projects to encourage them to reach their goals. AMSI’s goal is to support them in growing professionally and personally, whether it is to get to know more about the American working culture, improving their language skills or in gaining a great life experience in a foreign country. While the interns learn a lot during their internships, AMSI in return gains much as well due to the great knowledge, skills and personalities, which every single intern brings to the company.

AMSI CFO and Broker Robb Fleischer says: “It is a great opportunity to work with young and ambitious people from all over the world who bring their very own culture to the company. For AMSI it is gratifying to watch the intern’s learning process, how they improve their language skills, how the individuals achieve their goals and how they help AMSI grow further. It has always been an advantage for AMSI to build long-term friends. This kind of bonding process causes some sort of family atmosphere, which means that working at AMSI is challenging as well as comfortable at the same time.”

Since the intern program started about 8 years ago, the people who work at AMSI have had the wonderful opportunity to meet terrific interns from all over the world. Oftentimes it is not easy for the AMSI staff to say “goodbye, auf Wiedersehen or au revoir” to many of those wonderful and fascinating interns. This is especially so after seeing them growing and becoming a part of the AMSI family. But as Fleischer says to every intern at his or her farewell ceremony: “You will always be a part of the AMSI family”. It definitely is true and the interns go home still being a part of AMSI due to the great impact the experience has had on their lives and the impact they have had on AMSI during their internship.

Meet the current AMSI Interns

Elody Chaniot
Marketing Intern, from France
Field of studies: Marketing

I wanted to complete an internship in marketing and was looking for a semester abroad. Working at AMSI will help me to reach my goals”. Elody has been in the US for three months and will be joining the AMSI team for another three months.

Akram Talbi
Accounting Intern, from France
Field of studies: Finance

I came to the US to gain more experience in Finance/Accounting”. Akram will finish his studies in a couple of months and afterwards he’s looking for a job in the US. That’s why he thinks experiencing a UScompany during an internship right now will help him finding a job in the near future.

Inga Engelken
Marketing Intern, from Germany
Field of studies: Communications

I’m very interested in the American culture and wanted to learn more about the working atmosphere at a traditional US company”. Right now she is working on her Masters thesis and will be looking for a job in 2012. So she figured working at AMSI and gaining marketing experience will bring her advantages in her job search.

Kim Hyung Jun

Marketing Intern, from South Korea
Field of studies: Business Administration

Jun is a part time intern at AMSI and visits a language school in the morning before he comes to the office. “For me it’s important to improve my language skills, which will help me in my career”.

Tobias Bialas
Property Management Intern, from Germany
Field of studies: Economics

Tobias has been to the US a couple of times, but just for vacations. He had so much fun that he thought it would be great idea to remain for an extended stay. He started his Master’s program in Economics and therefore he needs practical experience to complete the “study abroad module. “I came to AMSI to gain work experience, which will help me in the future”.

Looking for a Place in San Francisco Can Be a Challenge

Are you looking for a new place in a new city? Moving to San Francisco, a beautiful and charming city, is a great decision. But looking for a place in San Francisco can be a challenge. There are many great neighborhoods, but how should you know where to start your search to find the area that suits you the best and more important that you can afford.

When it comes to moving to a new city it is really helpful to work with a relocation specialist, whether it is because you don’t have the time to look for a place or simply because you aren’t familiar with the housing market and the neighborhoods of the city. A relocation specialist will be your biggest asset when it comes to finding a place that you and your family can call home, a place that you can afford and a neighborhood that suits your lifestyle and pocket!

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Luxury Top Floor Condo in Cow Hollow – VIEWS!!! 3 Bed 2.5 Bath

Luxury View Condo in Cow Hollow! Top floor with amazing views! 3 Bed 2.5 Bath

Cherry, hardwood floors through out the condo make this a rich luxurious place to call home with all new and updated appliances and fixtures.

  • Fireplace
  • Wet bar with granite counter top, wine fridge
  • Gourmet kitchen open to formal dining room Stainless steel appliances with dishwasher, disposal and trash compactor
  • Dual sinks in master bath, marble counters, and deep Jacuzzi tub
  • Custom lighting Intercom system
  • Storage One car, garaged parking
  • Pet friendly
  • Large, sunny, shared yard, with a deck CALL TO SEE

Click here for more pictures.

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Benefits of Hiring Professional House Cleaners

Do you like to have a clean home, but don’t have the time to clean it yourself? Then let  Art of Cleaning clean your home while you do what you are best in.

  • Licensed, bonded and insured house cleaning team for your peace of mind
  • House cleaners are experienced and trained
  • Ongoing training provided to ensure quality
  • Professional house cleaners provide the best house cleaning services possible
  • Customizable cleaning plan available
  • Cleaners are employees, not subcontractors
  • Cleaning team or individual
  • Cleaning products and equipment is provided
  • House cleaners strive to use environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Available 7 days a week

Working with professional house cleaners has many benefits. But in my opinion the biggest benefits is the time you will have to focus on other priorities in your life, and that you come home to a clean environment where you can relax from a stressful day.

AMSI’s Art of Cleaning team shows you the way home…. to a clean and shine room!

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What to Know about Your Mortgage to Avoid Foreclosure

Homeowners who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments are at risk of losing the title on their house. But oftentimes a foreclosure can be avoided regardless of the circumstances, when taking the right steps.

If you have fallen behind on your mortgage payments or you cannot pay them on time it is important that you contact your lender in the minute you are fallen behind. Also if you have received a notice from your lender asking you to contact them, never disregard it and take whatever effort it takes to avoid foreclosure.

When you ignore the bill it will make the situation worse, and the probability to lose your home is higher. Your mortgage lender wants you to keep your home, as much as you do! Not only because a foreclosure process is expensive, but also because a lender makes more money out of the interest you pay and not when selling a home for foreclosure under market value.

Do not hesitate a minute and contact your lender to ask for help on how to prevent your property to go into foreclosure.

Avoiding foreclosure

  • Don’t ignore letters from your lender, instead open all letters and respond
  • Contact your lender and other free resources for counseling
  • The sooner you contact your lender, the better the chances to help you avoid foreclosure
  • Find out what options you have to make your mortgage payments more affordable, including refinances, modifications and short sales
  • Get familiar with the foreclosure prevention options
  • Don’t hire any foreclosure prevention company, you can get free help elsewhere. Rather pay off your mortgage with that money
  • Understand your mortgage rights and go over your loan documents. What does your agreement say about not being able to keep up with your payments?
  • Learn about foreclosure laws and timeframes in your state (as every state is different) by contacting the State Government Housing Office
  • Review you finances and use your assets. Is there money you can use to balance your mortgage payments? Is there a possibility to take a second job to earn some extra money?

There are ways to prevent you from foreclosure. The most important is to not ignore the problem and take action as soon as you know you can’t make the next mortgage payment. The sooner you react, the more chances you will have to keep your house.

For more information about real estate sales  check our previous posts.

Big Asset for Owners, Property Management San Francisco

The rental laws change continuously, as a homeowner it is oftentimes difficult to keep up with all the changes. A professional property manager will educate homeowners on the rental law and making them aware of changes to make sure they do not violate against the rental law. More than that, a professional property manager and his trained and knowledgeable staff know how to deal with tenant requests, complaints and other assignments, which a homeowner has to deal with when leasing a property.

Whether you don’t have the time to manage your property or it is because of a lack of knowledge, professional property management services can be a big asset.

AMSI’s property manager Nathan Murdock, San Francisco Apartment Association property manager of the year, will be dedicated to assist you with your property management needs and answers questions you may have.

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