Furnished Property Management

What to Expect

AMSI’s clientele includes Fortune 1000/500 corporations, law firms, executives, the government, performing arts companies, insurance companies, celebrities, health care professionals, temporary workers on assignment and relocating and vacationing individuals.

AMSI has built an exclusive long standing relationship with many of these clients who trust our services. This broadens the exposure of your property to qualified clients.

A property analysis will be performed by an AMSI associate.

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What is the process of bringing a rental property into the program and getting the rental occupied?
Property evaluation performed by an AMSI associate
Provide missing housewares and furniture (done by landlord)
Determine a rental rate based on the property’s value and location, current market and your goals
Take pictures and write unique property description
Marketing of property by reservation agents and company’s marketing department
Screen applicants to find a qualified tenant for you, run credit report and check applicant’s background, including previous landlords and proof of income
Prepare a professional lease