Local Market Trends San Francisco June/July

Real Estate Report June/July

Home Prices Down, Condo/Loft Prices Up Again

The median price for single-family re-sale homes fell 1.4% in May from April. Year-over-year, the median price was off for the ninth month in a row, falling 4.7%. The average price was up 1.4% indi- cating that more higher priced homes sold last month.

The median price for condos/lofts rose 5.5% from April and was up 7.5% compared to last May. The average price was up a whopping 16.6%.

Home sales rose 9.4% from April, but were off, year-over-year, by 11.4%. Year-to-date, home sales are down 4.1% compared to the first five months of 2010.

Read more: http://rereport.com/sdc/print/RobbFleischerSF.pdf

Do you have real estate needs?

Do you have real estate needs?

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SOLD! Charming Completely Renovated Bungalow in Midtown Petaluma

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$ 379,000 – Completely renovated home with new foundation, plumbing, electrical, windows, doors, roof, irrigation, HVAC, flooring, kitchen and baths in Midtown Petaluma

235 Vallejo Street, Petaluma, CA 94952

– 3 Bedroom
– 3 Bath
– 300 Sq Ft Bonus Room
– 1020 Sq Ft
– Detached Garage
– MLS # 21115284
– $ 379,000

  • Tastefully renovated with open floor plan, bamboo floors and stainless steel appliances
  • Just a few blocks from historic downtown, in one of Petaluma’s’ original neighborhoods
  • 3 bed, 2 bath and a detached bonus/laundry room with washer dryer, floor plan is comfortable and convenient
  • One car detached garage and a 300 sq ft. bonus room outside surrounding the private back yard, which is great for entertaining
  • The prime location is appealing to all; walking downtown for dining and shopping, schools within walking distance, whole foods less than a block away, easy access to freeways and main roads in Petaluma

For more pictures and information visit: http://www.235vallejostreet.com

Home Search – Determine your Wants and Needs Checklist

Home Search – Determine your Wants and Needs Checklist

Searching for your new home can be a time consuming process, especially if you have not determined in advance the parameters of your search. Take some time to develop your own list of needs and wants, and prioritize them.

Although you may have determined your search parameters in advance, buyers often find that their expectations may get further refined during the search determined by factors such as availability, supply and demand.

You must differentiate between your true needs and what you would like to have, your wants. Once you have a clearer view of what your house will need to have, the next step, actually looking for a home – will be easier for you and your AMSI agent.

Keep in mind, that your budget is a big factor and will impact, which needs, and moreover, which wants, you can actually realize. Get our checklist on how to determine your wants and needs.

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Benefits of Hiring Professional House Cleaners

Benefits of Hiring Professional House Cleaners

Are you aspiring to have a clean and sparkling home but you don’t have the time to do it yourself? Professional house cleaners can do the work for you while you can focus on other priorities in you life.

Benefits of professional house cleaners

  • Licensed, bonded and insured house cleaning team for your peace of mind
  • House cleaners are experienced and trained
  • Ongoing training provided to ensure quality
  • Professional house cleaners provide the best house cleaning services possible
  • Customized cleaning plan available
  • Cleaners are employees, not subcontractors
  • Individual cleaner or team
  • Cleaning products and equipment is provided
  • House cleaners at AMSI strive to use environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Available 7 days a week

The Art of Cleaning in San Francisco will show you the way home…. to a clean and shiny room!

Read more about AMSI’s cleaning team The Art of Cleaning

Bouncing @ House of Air with the AMSI Interns

Bouncing @ House of Air with the AMSI Interns

AMSI’s interns from Germany and France at House of Air with AMSI CFO Robb Fleischer and Intern Manager Adeline Segaux.

Playing dodgeball and jumping around for an hour on a trampoline…. certainly much fun! Did you know that jumping on a trampoline burns 600 calories? So we not only had much fun but were  exhausted, which called for some drinks and food at Liverpool Lil’s afterwards 🙂

Short-Term Rentals are Becoming More Popular

Short-Term Rentals are Becoming More Popular

According to Rick Steves host of a popular travel show on public television, tourists need to consider short-term rentals, “because of the high cost of hotels and the sinking economy, short-term apartment rentals are becoming more popular.  Travelers can stay in spacious accommodations with a kitchen for the price of a moderate hotel room. I used an apartment as my base several times last year. It gave me a good excuse to shop in the local markets, enjoy the economy of eating in, and bask in the feeling of being a “temporary local.”

Exclusive Penthouse in the luxury Millennium Grand Towers in San Francisco

Exclusive Penthouse in the luxury Millennium Grand Towers in San Francisco – Breathtaking Views!!!

Welcome to the pinnacle of luxury living at the Penthouse of San Francisco’s Millennium Tower. This 2 bedroom (plus den), 3 bath penthouse offers the most BREATHTAKING VIEWS of the world famous ‘City by the Bay’.

Short or long term rental with purchase option available to lease. Penthouse can be leased furnished or unfurnished. Two deeded parking spaces. Plus all of the fantastic amenities. We can arrange for private assistant, concierge, driver, and private Napa trips.

Monthly price includes all Millennium Tower amenities as well as available private limousine service to local and airport locations

See more pictures and get more information

Comprehensive Rental Housing Tour

Comprehensive Rental Housing Tour

relocation servicesRelocating to a new city means for most people the search for a new home. Yet, the search for a new home overwhelms many people. Not only do they have to get used to a new environment and job, but they also have to search for a new place to call home.

A city like San Francisco and San Diego offers lots of different neighborhoods and different types of accommodations. Every neighborhood has a unique touch with lots of opportunities for everyone’s unique lifestyle.

Before the home search

It is important to think about all the details, which are important to you, before starting the home search. These search factors could be the type of neighborhood, price, number of bedrooms, parking and many more. Defining these factors will prevent from wasting time when searching your home and making a move in the wrong rental and neighborhood.

Finding the right place

Do you need help finding a place to live? A comprehensive rental housing tour is designed to help those who wish to be guided by a professional real estate agent to find the right place. The search is ongoing until a new home is secured and the lease is signed.

Want to learn more about the comprehensive rental housing tour? Then click here

Foreclosures Off 30% This Year

Foreclosures off 30% this year

By Les Christie, staff writer

April 14, 2011

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — On the surface, the foreclosure crisis seems to be easing. The number of foreclosure notices filed during the first three months of 2011 fell 27% compared with the first quarter of 2010, according to a report from RealtyTrac released Thursday.

Only 681,000 properties got hit with some type of filing — a notice of default, a scheduled auction or a foreclosure sale — during the quarter, one for every 191 households.

There were 215,046 borrowers who lost their homes, down 17% year-over-year.

That improvement was in sharp contrast to other recent housing market metrics, with sales of existing and new homes very weak and home prices still sliding.

“The nation’s housing market continued to languish in the first quarter, even as foreclosure activity fell to a three-year low,” said James Saccacio, RealtyTrac’s CEO.

The explanation for this contradiction is that the foreclosure improvement has been artificial, fueled by banks reacting to paperwork processing issues — the infamous “robo-signing” scandal — by cutting back on filings until they can clean up their procedures.

According to RealtyTrac spokesman Rick Sharga, without the cutback there would have been 900,000 filings during the quarter instead of 681,000. There would have been 280,000 to 300,000 bank repossessions instead of 215,000, he added.

Houses: What a million dollars buys

Fewer homes were repossessed even though banks are modifying fewer loans to make them more affordable. Hope Now, a coalition of servicers, community groups and mortgage investors working to stem foreclosures reported last week that its members had modified 87,000 loans in February compared with 110,000 in December 2010.

Hope Now’s director, Faith Schwartz, said fewer mods hardly means that the foreclosure crisis is clearing. “In the midst of all the disruptions, it’s difficult to pinpoint a trend,” she said.

The big positive that Schwartz cites is the significant month-over-month drops in both new foreclosures and in the number of borrowers who are 60 days or more late with payments. If fewer borrowers are entering the foreclosure process, fewer should eventually lose their homes.

On the other hand, said Schwartz, the severity of the delinquencies is increasing, with these borrowers falling 527 days past due, on average.

In New York and New Jersey, according to Sharga, it’s more than 800 days now between when a typical delinquent borrower first receives a notice of default to when the home goes to a sheriff’s sale.

“It’s likely that most of those are not making any mortgage payments” during that period, he said.

The drop in foreclosures is widespread. RealtyTrac reported that filings dropped in each of the 20 hardest-hit metro areas. Year-over-year declines reached as high as 59% in Cape Coral, Fla., for the quarter. Even in Las Vegas, ground zero for the mortgage meltdown over the past few years, filings fell 8%.

Nevada, Arizona and California continued to rank as the states with the highest foreclosure rates. They came in 1-2-3 both for the quarter and for the month of March. The Fourth Horseman of the Foreclosure Apocalypse, Florida, has dropped down in the standings, to eighth place for the quarter and ninth for the month.

Las Vegas is once again the highest ranked metro area in per-capita foreclosures. One of every 31 homes absorbed a filing during the quarter, about six times the national norm. Modesto, Calif. (one in 46), Stockton, Calif. (one in 47), Vallejo. Calif., and Phoenix (both one in 48) filled out the top five.