We Asked The Interns – With Elisabetta Cibo’… it gives me the chance to learn new and interesting things

Elisabetta Cibo

For many years AMSI has been offering marketing, accounting and property management internships to young people from all over the world. Every intern had an impact on the daily business and has become a part of the AMSI family. We were wondering about their reasons to go abroad. Moreover what their overall experience is and how they benefit from taking their internship at AMSI.

Today we introduce you to Elisabetta Cibo’ from Italy who joined AMSI San Francisco for a marketing internship.

Elisabetta CiboI’m Elisabetta from Rome in Italy. I have a degree in History of Modern Art and continued my studying Art Management and Marketing in Florence.

I’ve already been in San Francisco many times and already lived here for a couple months. However, I’ve never had the opportunity to work here and to get to know the American working environment. Therefore this stay is a completely different experience: I will stay in this beautiful city for a long time and will gain valuable knowledge and experience working for an American Real Estate company.

When I arrived at the AMSI office for the first time I was pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the place. It’s a typical large and bright San Franciscan building and whether it’s the mangers, agents or interns, everyone is very kind. I felt a nice sense of comfort, a family like environment that permeates the AMSI office.

Working with AMSI as a marketing intern gives me the chance to learn new and interesting things. I’ve learned a lot about the Real Estate Market, which is much more developed in San Francisco than in other cities. Furthermore I’ve learned how to advertise and promote hundreds of properties. Since there are many people working at the office and also clients coming in or calling, I’m also improving my communication and language skills.

I observe the brilliant “American working culture” very closely, and it’s very interesting and exciting. Thanks to this great experience I want to improve day after day, learning as much as I can.

– Elisabetta Cibo’

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