We Asked The Interns – With Nadia Chikhi… this experience will be engraved in me.

For many years AMSI has been offering marketing, accounting and property management internships to young people from all over the world. Every intern had an impact on the daily business and has become a part of the AMSI family. We were wondering about their reasons to go abroad. Moreover what their overall experience is and how they benefit from taking their internship at AMSI.

Today we asked Nadia, who joined AMSI for a marketing internship.

My name is Nadia Chikhi, I am a student in foreign languages applied to business and thanks to this I had the opportunity to take an internship abroad. I decide to fly to the United States for a unique experience. Due to the fact that others students already went to AMSI for an internship the previous years, I had the chance to get some feedback concerning the company. Therefore I knew from the very beginning that the internship at AMSI will be an adventure and it indeed was and fulfilled all my needs.

I’m a marketing intern with AMSI since April. What I really love about the company is the fact that everybody can contribute to the expansion of the company by suggesting ideas or improvements. The working conditions are pretty good and it is a pleasure being with open-minded people, who don’t hesitate to encourage you and give you feedback for your tasks. It is still interesting and rewarding to know that everybody really cares about you and what you do.

This has been one of the most important events in my life so far. Even though I already had several jobs in France, this internship has taught me a lot, especially to have trust in my abilities, strengths and myself; I know that I can handle a lot of things just to succeed and to give the best of me now. I will never forget all the people that I met here and all that they brought to me. The American way of life and working conditions are exactly what I am looking for. People in San Francisco are really friendly and welcoming. I definitely feel like home here, life is more than enjoyable. This experience will be engraved in me.

– Nadia Chikhi

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